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Salcer Interviews, 1996, USC Shoah Foundation

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AUDIO NOTE: The beginning of this interview has 23 seconds of poor audio quality when Kati Salcer is speaking. The audio on the remainder of this interview is of higher quality. During this beginning segment Kati says:

"This is my loving husband and his name is William Zev Salcer. We are living together for the past almost 51 years and we have two gorgeous children and five very gorgeous grandchildren. How's that for an introduction?"

Salcer Interview Excerpts

Katarina Kellner Salcer and William Salcer first met as teenagers when they were confined to the same Jewish ghetto. They survived death marches, forced slave labor and concentration camps.

After the War they reunited and married, and tried to never talk about what happened.

In 1996 their son Ron Salcer convinced his parents to tell their story to the Survivors of the Shoah Visual History Foundation. What follows is an edited version of their six hours of interviews.

Interviews of William Salcer 1996, Katarina Kellner Salcer 1996, are from the archive of the USC Shoah Foundation.

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